Mission Concept Program Workshops

The Mission Concept Program builds on the Mission Design Course, introducing student teams to mission development over a program lasting 3 months. Workshop presentations cover a variety of small satellite topics that occur during this program, which introduce students to the field of small satellites and systems engineering.

Document Title Resources
Relevance Workshop Slides
Personnel & Team Management Slides
System Critical Review Expectations Slides
Electrical Power System (EPS) Slides
Command & Data Handling and Software Slides
Communications (COMM) Subsystem Slides
Attitude Determination and Control (ADC) Subsystem Slides
Structures and Thermal Subsystem Slides
Test and Integration Facilities Slides
Assembly, Integration, and Test, Ground Support Equipment, and Environmental Testing Slides
Ground Systems & Mission Operations Slides
The Manifest and Launch Process Slides
Licensing, Policy, and Launch/Range Safety Slides